Practical Horseman

Practical Horseman is an equestrian magazine that focuses on English-style riding, most notably, hunter/jumper, as well as dressage and eventing. Known as the "English rider's #1 resource," the magazine has monthly articles on training, riding, turnout of the horse, medical issues, profiles of riders, and reviews and results of national and international competitions. Practical Horseman is an Active Interest Media publication.

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    While there are practical and sometimes moral reasons for the decomposition of the family, it coincides neither with what most people in society say they desire nor, especially in the case of children, with their best interests.
    Robert Neelly Bellah (20th century)

    The horseman on the pale horse is Pestilence. He follows the wars.
    Ardel Wray, and Mark Robson. Explaining why he is taking pains to protect his troops from plague (1945)