Poulsen is a Danish patronymic surname meaning "son of Poul" (Danish version of the Biblical Paul). The form Paulsen is a less common cognate.

It may refer to:

  • Christian Poulsen, Danish professional football player
  • Erik Poulsen, American politician
  • Hans Poulsen, Australian singer-songwriter
  • Henrik Poulsen, Danish record company owner
  • Jakob Poulsen, Danish professional football player
  • Karl A. Poulsen, Danish merchant marine
  • Kevin Poulsen, American black hat hacker and senior editor at Wired News
  • Michael Poulsen, lead singer of the Danish rock band Volbeat
  • Peder Poulsen, Swedish track & field athlete
  • Poul Poulsen Nolsøe (1766–1809), Faroese national hero
  • Simon Poulsen, Danish professional football player
  • Valdemar Poulsen (1869–1942), Danish engineer
  • Poulsen arc
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