Potato Virus Y

Potato Virus Y

brinjal mosaic virus
datura 437 virus
potato acropetal necrosis virus
potato severe mosaic virus
tobacco vein-banding virus

Potato virus Y (PVY) is a plant pathogenic virus of the family Potyviridae, and one of the most important plant viruses affecting potato production.

PVY infection of potato plants results in a variety of symptoms depending on the viral strain. The mildest of these symptoms is production loss, but the most detrimental is 'potato tuber necrotic ringspot disease' (PTNRD). Necrotic ringspots render potatoes unmarketable and can therefore result in a significant loss of income. PVY is transmissible by aphid vectors but may also remain dormant in seed potatoes. This means that using the same line of potato for production of seed potatoes for several consecutive generations will lead to a progressive increase in viral load and subsequent loss of crop.

An increase in potato plant infection with viruses over the past few years has led to considerable losses to the South African potato industry. The increased rate of infection may be attributed to several factors. These include a marked decrease in the effectiveness and administration of chemicals used in vector control, the use of infected seed potatoes in cultivation, incorrect irrigation and farming methods as well as a lack of a sensitive, rapid and reliable method of detection. An increase in the average temperature of winters as a consequence of global warming has also led to an increase in aphid numbers, which in turn has led to an increase in viral distribution.

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