Portfolio may refer to: In objects

In objects:

  • Portfolio (briefcase), a type of briefcase

In collections:

  • Portfolio (finance), a collection of investments held by an institution or a private individual
  • Artist's portfolio, a sample of an artist's work or a case used to display artwork, photographs etc.
  • Career portfolio, an organized presentation of an individual's education, work samples, and skills
  • Electronic portfolio, a collection of electronic documents
  • IT Portfolio, in IT portfolio management, the portfolio of large classes of items of enterprise Information Technology (IT)
  • Patent portfolio, a collection of patents owned by a single entity
  • Project Portfolio, in Project portfolio management, the portfolio of projects in an organization
  • Ministry (government department), the post and responsibilities of a head of a government department

In computing:

  • Atari Portfolio, a palmtop computer
  • electronic portfolio, a portfolio that has been prepared for distribution online
  • Extensis Portfolio, a digital asset manager

In media:

  • Portfolio (Grace Jones album)
  • Portfolio (Yolandita Monge album)
  • Portfolio.com, a business magazine
  • Portfolio: An Intercontinental Quarterly, a cross-disciplinary literary journal published between 1945 and 1947

In people:

  • Almerindo Portfolio (1877–1966), Businessman, New York City Treasurer

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