Porte de Hal/Hallepoort Metro Station

The Porte de Hal/Hallepoort metro station is an Brussels metro station on the southern segment of line 2. It was opened to premetro trams (it currently serves three lines) on 2 October 1988 and line 2 of the metro reached the station 3 December 1993 (the metro operates one level below the premetro lines).

It is located under the small ring in the municipality of Saint-Gilles / Sint-Gillis, next to the 14th century city gate of Porte de Hal / Hallepoort. The station contains several artworks by Fran├žois Schuiten of metro trains and futuristic cityscapes, includes some views of the medieval Porte de Hal city gate amongst skyscrapers. The station is one stop or about 10 minutes walk from Brussels-South Railway Station.

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