Played - Cast


  • Val Kilmer as Dillon
  • Gabriel Byrne as Eddie
  • Mick Rossi as Ray Burns
  • Patrick Bergin as Riley
  • Joanne Whalley as Maggie
  • Roy Dotrice as Jack Rawlings
  • Vinnie Jones as Detective Brice
  • Patsy Kensit as Bunny
  • Anthony LaPaglia as Detective Drummond
  • Bruno Kirby as Detective Allen
  • Andy Nyman as Danny
  • Sile Bermingham as Samantha Fay
  • Caspar von Winterfeldt as Gallery Attendant
  • Meredith Ostrom as Nikki
  • Steve Jones as London Charlie
  • Trevor Nugent as Terry Rawlings
  • Aaron Gallagher as Officer Chris Anders
  • John Jones as Hotel Security Man
  • Nick Simunek as Boyd
  • Pipo Chiu as Maggie's Assistant
  • Imran Ahktar as Prison Guard
  • Adam Fogerty as Big Frankie
  • Nigel Mead as Chris the Maggot
  • Luca Palanca as Patrol Officer Gomez
  • Sean Power as Nathan
  • Emma Ryan as The Stripper
  • Marc Siciliani as Detective Bartow
  • George Berg as Police Detective

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