Plan-It-X Records

Plan-It-X Records (also known as PIX) is an independent record label in the United States. Originally based in Georgetown, Indiana, PIX is currently based out of Bloomington, Indiana following brief stints in Olympia, Washington, Gainesville, Florida and Cairo, Illinois. They are best known for releasing folk punk and pop punk. Some consider the label most notable for releasing an EP by the band Against Me! (Crime As Forgiven By). However, and with great disappointment to Plan-It-X, the band has since requested to repress the record on their tour manager/merch guy's label, Sabot Productions, as the band felt alienated by the community surrounding the label and notably the message board.

Plan-It-X has also released other notable albums by This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb, Defiance, Ohio, Ghost Mice, Japanther, The Bananas, Operation: Cliff Clavin, and Antsy Pants (a project featuring Kimya Dawson of the Moldy Peaches), and re-released albums by Fifteen, among others.

Founded in 1994 with a strict DIY punk ethic, the label sells all CDs for five dollars or less. PIX's slogan reads: "If it ain't cheap, it ain't punk". PIX attempts to demonstrate that the practices of major record labels do not need to be duplicated by independent record labels in order to be successful. They support other small labels and encourage others to do so as well (and even go as far as to suggest starting your own label).

The label is run by Chris Johnston and his friends. Johnston currently plays in the bands Ghost Mice and Imperial Can, as well as his solo acts Captain Chaos and Chris Clavin, and is a former band member of Operation: Cliff Clavin, The Devil Is Electric, The Ted Dancin' Machine, Peanucle, The Sissies, and The Jammy Dodgers.

Beyond the release of musical albums, Plan-It-X has released a book by author Greg Wells (Complete Control: An Anthology 1997-2005), the zine My Friend Bubby, as well as a DVD featuring live performances of bands filmed during Plan-It-X Fest 2004 (see below). A documentary was released in 2010, put together from footage shot across the week of the 2006 Plan It X Fest.

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