Piggy or piggies may refer to:

As a nickname:

  • Denis D'Amour (1959-2005), guitarist for the Canadian heavy metal band Voivod
  • Ward Lambert (1888-1958), American college men's basketball coach
  • David Powell (rugby union) (born 1942), former England international rugby union player
  • Edwin Simandl, owner of the Orange Tornadoes and Newark Tornadoes of the National Football League
  • Piggy Ward (1867-1912), American professional baseball player

As a slang term:

  • Toes (most often used in the context of the nursery rhyme This Little Piggy)
  • Pigs

Fictional characters:

  • Miss Piggy, a Muppets character
  • Piggy (Merrie Melodies), from the Merrie Melodies cartoons
  • Piggy (Power Rangers), from Power Rangers: S.P.D.
  • Piggy, from the novel Lord of the Flies
  • Piggy, in the novel Gone to the Dogs
  • "Piggies", slang term for Pequeninos, a fictional alien species in the Ender's Game series by Orson Scott Card

In music:

  • "Piggies", a song written by George Harrison on the Beatles' White Album
  • "Piggy", a song by Nine Inch Nails from their album The Downward Spiral

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