Pickwick may refer to:

  • Pickwick (brand), a tea brand
  • The Pickwick Papers, a novel by Charles Dickens, or its main character, Mr Pickwick
    • The Pickwick Papers (film), a 1952 British film
    • The Pickwick Papers (1985 television series), a 1985 twelve-part BBC TV series
  • Pickwick, Wiltshire, a former village in Wiltshire through which the novel got its title
  • Pickwick (musical), a theatre musical based on the Dickens novel
  • Pickwick, a fictional dodo in the novels about Thursday Next by Jasper Fforde
  • Pickwick Cricket Club, Barbados
  • Pickwickian syndrome, a medical disease named from the Dickens novel
  • Pickwick Records, a record label
  • Pickwick Landing in the U.S. state of Tennessee:
    • Pickwick Landing State Park
    • Pickwick Landing Dam
    • Pickwick Lake
  • Pickwick Theatre, Park Ridge, Illinois, United States
  • Pickwick Video Group a home video division based in the United Kingdom first established in 1982