Percussion Mallet

A percussion mallet or beater is an object used to strike or beat a percussion instrument in order to produce its sound.

The term beater is slightly more general; A mallet is normally held in the hand while a beater may be foot or mechanically operated, for example in a bass drum pedal; Drum stick is less general still, but still applied to a wide range of beaters. Some mallets, such as a triangle wand, are normally used only with a specific instrument, while others are used on many different instruments.

Some mallets, such as vibraphone mallets, are normally just called mallets, others have more specialised names including:

  • Drum sticks, of many types, some used with a wide variety of instruments.
  • Wands used to strike a triangle.
  • Rutes, used with many instruments.
  • Brushes, used particularly with snare drum but also with many other instruments.
  • Tippers used to strike a bodhrán.
  • Hammers, also just called mallets, used with a xylophone.
  • Bachi, used with Japanese taiko drums.

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    We got our new rifled muskets this morning. They are mostly old muskets, many of them used, altered from flint-lock to percussion ... but the power of the gun was fully as great as represented. The ball at one-fourth mile passed through the largest rails; at one-half mile almost the same.... I think it an excellent arm.
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