Pepper Mild Mottle Virus - Disease Transmission

Disease Transmission

PMMoV is a rigid rod shaped virus pathogen that can be easily transmitted to healthy plants via mechanical inoculation or contact between plants or another medium that can carry the pathogen such as hands, gloves, and clothing. The virus is commonly found on the outer seed coat and very rarely in the endosperm of seeds of the infected plants. Being seedborne, the virus primarily infects through mechanical contamination during seed transplanting and other agricultural procedures. It enters the plant/seed through microscopic abrasions or wounds. The virus is in vitro, which in this case means it can survive in an isolated environment, and being highly infectious it can easily be transmitted during normal crop maintenance. PMMoV is exceptionally stable and it is known to survive for extended periods of time in plant debris and on greenhouse structures, pots, and horticultural tools. There are no known insect vectors; however, humans can be considered the main vector for this pathogen.

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