Pelham (Metro-North Station)

Pelham (Metro-North Station)

The Pelham Metro-North Railroad station serves Pelham, New York, via the New Haven Line. The station is one mile west of the point where the New Haven Line joins the Northeast Corridor and just east of the end of third rail power and start of overhead catenary power.

Pelham is 15.1 miles (24.3 km) from Grand Central Terminal and the average travel time from Grand Central is 32 minutes.

Pelham Station was built in 1893 by the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad. As with all New Haven Line stations in Westchester County, the station became a Penn Central station upon acquisition by Penn Central in 1969, and eventually became part of the MTA's Metro-North Railroad. As of August 2006, weekday commuter ridership was 2,284, and there are 356 parking spots.

Pelham station has the lowest number of parking spaces than any other New Haven Line station in Westchester County. The two main parking lots consist of the one at the given address along Pelhamwood Avenue along the New York City-bound platforms, and along First Street along the New Haven-bound platforms that can be entered across from the intersection with Corlies Avenue. Both parking lots are between Wolf's Lane and Highbrook Avenue. Street-side parking is available along First Street west of the parking lot entrance across from Nyac Avenue.

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