Pe (Cyrillic) - Form


The capital Cyrillic letter Pe looks exactly like the Greek capital Pi from which it is derived, and small Pe looks like a smaller version of the same, though with a less prominent horizontal bar (Greek Π π → П п Cyrillic). Pe is not to be confused with the Cyrillic letter El (Л л; italics: Л л), which has a hook on its left leg.

In italics and handwriting, capital Pe looks identical to the Greek capital Pi in these forms. The lowercase forms, however, differ among the languages that use the Cyrillic alphabet. Small italic Cyrillic Pe ⟨п⟩ in the majority of fonts or handwritten styles looks like the small italic Latin N ⟨n⟩. In handwritten Serbian, however, it appears as a Latin U ⟨u⟩ with a bar over it.

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