Paveletsky Rail Terminal

Paveletsky station (Павелецкий вокзал) is one of Moscow's nine main railway stations. Originally called Saratovsky Railway Station, it was named after the settlement of Pavelets, when the railroad heading south-east from Moscow reached that point in 1899. The ornate building of the station, completed in 1900 and extensively reconstructed in the 1980s, remains one of the biggest Moscow railway stations. In 1924, it was the place where Muscovites came to meet the body of deceased Lenin. The Lenin Funeral Train is still a permanent exhibit at the Museum of the Moscow Railway. The Aeroexpress train links Paveletsky station with Domodedovo Airport. The station is operated by the Moscow Railway.

The old building of the station was built in 1900, its architect was Alexander Krasovsky. In 1899 the Ryazan-Ural Railway reached Moscow, so that a new railway station was needed. From Paveletsky station suburban electric trains depart towards Kashira, Ozherelye, and Uzunovo. Express electric trains depart to Ozherelye and Domodedovo Airport. The major directions of long-distant trains are Almaty, Astrakhan, Baku, Balakovo, Balashov, Donetsk, Lipetsk, Luhansk, Saratov, Tambov, Volgograd, Voronezh, Yelets.

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