Paul Jacobs

Paul Jacobs is the name of:

  • Paul Jacobs (activist) (1918–1978), American activist
    • Paul Jacobs and the Nuclear Gang, documentary film about the above
  • Paul Jacobs (Flemish writer) (born 1949), Flemish author
  • Paul Jacobs (ice hockey) (born 1894), professional hockey player
  • Paul Jacobs (composer), American songwriter
  • Paul Jacobs (organist) (born 1977), American organist
  • Paul Jacobs (pianist) (1930–1983), American pianist
  • Paul E. Jacobs (born 1962), Chief Executive Officer of Qualcomm
  • Paul Emil Jacobs (1802–1866), German painter

Famous quotes containing the word jacobs:

    In the continual enterprise of trying to guide appropriately, renegotiate with, listen to and just generally coexist with our teenage children, we ourselves are changed. We learn even more clearly what our base-line virtues are. We listen to our teenagers and change our minds about some things, stretching our own limits. We learn our own capacity for flexibility, firmness and endurance.
    —Jean Jacobs Speizer. Ourselves and Our Children, by Boston Women’s Health Collective, ch. 4 (1978)