Patricia Fearing

Patricia Fearing

A Bond girl is a character (or the actress portraying a character) who is a love interest of James Bond in a film, novel, or video game. Bond girls occasionally have names that are double entendres or puns, such as Pussy Galore, Plenty O'Toole, Xenia Onatopp, or Holly Goodhead, and are considered "ubiquitous symbol of glamour and sophistication."

There is no set rule on what kind of person a Bond girl will be or what role she will play. She may be an ally or an enemy of Bond, pivotal to the mission or simply eye candy. There are female characters such as Judi Dench's M and Miss Moneypenny, who are not romantic interests of Bond, and hence not strictly Bond girls. However, M and Miss Moneypenny may be considered special Bond girls in Skyfall, even though he is not romantically involved with either of them, because M plays a pivotal role in the plot and her emotional backstory with Bond is explored and Moneypenny works with Bond in the field as previous Bond girls had done.

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