Famous quotes containing the word parties:

    It is best for all parties in the combined family to take matters slowly, to use the crock pot instead of the pressure cooker, and not to aim for a perfect blend but rather to recognize the pleasures to be enjoyed in retaining some of the distinct flavors of the separate ingredients.
    Claire Berman (20th century)

    she cannot understand
    What she wants or why she wanders to that undiscovered land,
    For the parties there are not at all the sort of thing she planned,
    In the land where the dead dreams go.
    Alfred Noyes (1880–1958)

    This will not be disloyalty but will show that as members of a party they are loyal first to the fine things for which the party stands and when it rejects those things or forgets the legitimate objects for which parties exist, then as a party it cannot command the honest loyalty of its members.
    Eleanor Roosevelt (1884–1962)