Paris Saint-Germain F.C. - Presidents


Paris Saint-Germain have had 17 presidents since the appointment of Pierre-Étienne Guyot in 1970. The most successful president of PSG is Michel Denisot (1991–1998) with eight major trophies won: one League title, three French Cups, two League Cups, one Champions Trophy and one UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. The longest-running president is Francis Borelli with 13 years in charge of the capital club (1978–1991). Nasser Al-Khelaifi is the current president of Paris Saint-Germain. Association PSG, meanwhile, has known three chairmen since 1991. The most successful chairman of PSG is Bernard Brochand (1991–2001) with nine major trophies won: one League title, three French Cups, two League Cups, two Champions Trophies and one UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. He is also the club's longest-serving chairman in terms of time, with 10 years in charge of the club. Simon Tahar has been chairman of Association PSG since 2006.

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