Paradise Lost (Paradise Lost Album)

Paradise Lost (Paradise Lost Album)

Paradise Lost, the tenth studio album by British heavy metal band Paradise Lost, was recorded between January and June 2004 at Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire and Hollypark Lane, Los Angeles. Although not officially, this is the first album with Jeff Singer, who came after when the band was ready to release this album on an earlier date but postponed when they had no drummer. Past touring partner Heather Thompson of Tapping the Vein contributed backing vocals on first single "Forever After" and album track "Over The Madness". The choir-like backing vocals on "Forever After" were performed by Leah Randi.

There are six bonus tracks that can be found through digipak versions of this album, bonus tracks versions, and the "Forever After" single CD. The tracks are "Through The Silence" and "Sanctimonious You". The string dub mixes of "Don't Belong" and "Over The Madness" are only available on the German digipak version of the album, which also contains the video for "Forever After". The UK release of Paradise Lost replaces the string dub mixes with the bonus tracks "Let Me Drown" and "A Side You'll Never Know".

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