Panama City - Healthcare


Panama City is home to at least 14 hospitals and an extensive network of public and private clinics, including the Hospital Santo Tomás, Hospital del Niño, Complejo Hospitalario Arnulfo Arias Madrid, Centro Médico Paitilla, Hospital Nacional, Clinica Hospital San Fernando, and Hospital Punta Pacifica.

Around 45% of the country's physicians are located in Panama City. Most Panamanian doctors receive their degrees from local universities, although some receive additional U.S. or foreign training. The standards at the top hospitals compare favorably to those in the United States. Panama City is a common destination for medical tourism.

  • Hospital Santo Tomás, the largest public hospital in the country

  • Hospital Nacional, a full-service private hospital

  • Instituto Oncológico Nacional, at former Gorgas Hospital

  • The Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies

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