Pamela may refer to:

  • Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded, a novel written by Samuel Richardson in 1740
  • Pamela (name), a given name and, rarely, a surname
  • Pamela (singer), Canadian singer who has recorded with Akon
  • MSC Pamela, a container ship launched in 2005
  • Pamela (butterfly), a butterfly genus
  • Species of butterfly Perrhybris pamela
  • Pamela, answering machine software functioning with the software Skype
  • Super Typhoon Pamela, a typhoon in 1976
  • "Pamela Pamela", a song recorded by Wayne Fontana that reached #11 in the UK Singles Chart in 1967
  • "Pamela" (song), a 1988 hit song for the band Toto
  • "Pamella", a song by Remmy Ongala from the album Songs For the Poor Man

In acronyms:

  • PAMELA Project, Process for Advanced Management of End of-Life-Aircraft
  • Payload for Antimatter Matter Exploration and Light-nuclei Astrophysics, astrophysical satellite module
  • Pedestrian Accessibility and Movement Environment Laboratory, artificial pavement at a research center at University College London