Pallacanestro Varese - Notable Players

Notable Players

  • Ivano Bisson
  • Paolo Conti
  • Marcelo Damiao
  • Alessandro De Pol
  • Fabrizio Della Fiori
  • Massimo Ferraiuolo
  • Guido Iellini
  • Andrea Meneghin
  • Daniel Farabello
  • Gabriel Fernández
  • Arijan Komazec
  • Alain Digbeu
  • Fedon Matheou
  • Nikola Lončar
  • Boris Gorenc
  • Sani Bečirovič
  • Tim Bassett
  • Anthony Bowie
  • Frank Brickowski
  • Geno Carlisle
  • DeJuan Collins
  • Pat Cummings
  • John Deveraux
  • D. J. Mbenga
  • Bill Edwards
  • Antony Gennari
  • Derek Hamilton
  • Delonte Holland
  • Cedric Hordges
  • Frank Johnson
  • Kristjan Kangur
  • Billy Keys
  • Rusty LaRue
  • Kevin Magee
  • Wes Matthews
  • Jerry McCullough
  • Dino Meneghin
  • Luigi Mentasti
  • Nico Messina
  • Larry Micheaux
  • Bob Morse
  • Alberto Mottini
  • Veljko Mršić
  • Tyrone Nesby
  • Norman Nolan
  • Aldo Ossola
  • Richard Petruška
  • Charles Pittman
  • Pavel Podkolzin
  • Gianmarco Pozzecco
  • Manuel Raga
  • Enrico Ravaglia
  • Edoardo Rusconi
  • Stefano Rusconi
  • Romeo Sacchetti
  • Daniel Santiago
  • Mate Skelin
  • Reggie Theus
  • Corny Thompson
  • Francesco Vescovi
  • Paolo Vittori
  • Derrel Washington
  • Terry White
  • Eddie Lee Wilkins
  • Leon Wood
  • Charlie Yelverton
  • Marino Zanatta
  • Cristiano Zanus Fortes
  • Antonio Zorzi

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