Pacific Surfliner

The Pacific Surfliner is a 350-mile (560 km) Amtrak regional higher-speed train route serving communities on the coast of Southern California between San Diego and San Luis Obispo. It is part of the Amtrak California series of trains.

The service carried nearly 2.8 million passengers during fiscal year 2011, a 6.6% increase from FY2010. Total revenue during FY2011 was $55,317,127, an increase of 11.7% over FY2010. The Pacific Surfliner was Amtrak's third-busiest service, and the busiest outside the Northeast Corridor.

The Los Angeles-to-San Diego portion of the Pacific Surfliner route was once served by the Santa Fe's San Diegan passenger trains (see "Operations" below) until Amtrak took over the route in the 1970s, keeping the "San Diegan" moniker until the Pacific Surfliner name was bestowed on the route on June 1, 2000, as part of a new marketing campaign (and short-lived new casual-style uniforms for crew) reflecting the line's more-frequent service north of Los Angeles and new bi-level cars with unique livery manufactured by Alstom that replaced Horizon cars, bi-level California Cars manufactured by Morrison-Knudson, and the Amfleet cars previously assigned to the route. One consist of Horizon and Amfleet cars is still in operation.

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