Overo - Sabino "Overo"

Sabino "Overo"

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Sabino is listed a type of overo coloring by the American Paint Horse Association. This terminology, outdated in terms of modern genetics, creates confusion, because other breeds, including many that will not register "pinto" or "paint" horses, may have individuals with sabino genetics. One reason for the terminology confusion is that "overo" was used by Paint horse breeders in the United States to refer to "anything that is not tobiano." Another reason for this terminology is that the term "overo", when used outside of the USA, particularly in Spanish-speaking countries, refers to horses with the speckled roaning patterns typical of horses called sabino in the USA. In addition, strongly marked sabino horses may mimic either overo or tobiano coloring.

In general, sabino is a generic description for a group of similar white spotting patterns. These include high white stockings on all four feet, often extending up the legs with jagged edges, a fairly white head, with markings often extending past the eyes, roaning at the edges of white markings, lip spots, "lacing," and white patches on the lower barrel that may extend to the flanks. A minimal sabino may only have one of the traits associated with sabino horses. On the other hand, a "sabino-white" is a near-white or completely white horse, and sabino genetics are not linked to lethal white.

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