Outstanding - Influence


The song has been sampled frequently in hip hop and R&B songs over the years, including:

  • "Shelton-D Is Outstanding" by Shelton-D (1988)
  • "Outstanding" by Rob Base (1989)
  • "Don't Do It" by Richie Rich (2) (1990)
  • "True to the Game" by Ice Cube (1991)
  • "Typical Reasons (Swing My Way) (Remix)" by Prince Markie Dee (1992)
  • "Blow Your Mind" by Redman (1992)
  • "I'm Outstanding" by Shaquille O'Neal (1993)
  • "Summer Bunnies" by R. Kelly (1993)
  • "Da B Side" by Da Brat feat. Notorious B.I.G. and Jermaine Dupri (1994)
  • "U Blow My Mind" by Blackstreet (1994)
  • "I Belong to You (Rollerskate Radio Mix)" by Toni Braxton (1994)
  • "Every Little Thing I Do" by Soul for Real (1995)
  • "Boy You Knock Me Out" by Tatyana Ali feat. Will Smith (1998)
  • "Happy (I'm So Happy Remix)" by Ashanti feat. Charli Baltimore, D.O. Cannon, & Young Merc (2002)
  • "Best Thing I Never Had (Lil' Jon & DJ Kontrol Remix)" by BeyoncĂ© Knowles feat. Shawty Putt (2011)
  • Kid Rock covered the song on his Live Trucker album.
  • "Love No Limit" by Mary J. Blige (1993)

Also sampled in a version of Tina Turner's "Goldeneye" hit, included only on the promotional 12" maxi-single.

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Famous quotes containing the word influence:

    To-day ... when material prosperity and well earned ease and luxury are assured facts from a national standpoint, woman’s work and woman’s influence are needed as never before; needed to bring a heart power into this money getting, dollar-worshipping civilization; needed to bring a moral force into the utilitarian motives and interests of the time; needed to stand for God and Home and Native Land versus gain and greed and grasping selfishness.
    Anna Julia Cooper (1859–1964)

    For character too is a process and an unfolding ... among our valued friends is there not someone or other who is a little too self confident and disdainful; whose distinguished mind is a little spotted with commonness; who is a little pinched here and protruberent there with native prejudices; or whose better energies are liable to lapse down the wrong channel under the influence of transient solicitations?
    George Eliot [Mary Ann (or Marian)

    The Spirit of Place [does not] exert its full influence upon a newcomer until the old inhabitant is dead or absorbed. So America.... The moment the last nuclei of Red [Indian] life break up in America, then the white men will have to reckon with the full force of the demon of the continent.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)