Outline of The Faroe Islands - Geography of The Faroe Islands

Geography of The Faroe Islands

  • The Faroe Islands are: a dependent territory (specifically, self-governing overseas administrative division of) Denmark
  • Location:
    • Northern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere
    • Eurasia
      • Europe
        • Northern Europe
    • Atlantic Ocean
      • Norwegian Sea
    • Time zone: Western European Time (UTC+00), Western European Summer Time (UTC+01)
    • Extreme points of the Faroe Islands
      • High: Slættaratindur 882 m (2,894 ft)
      • Low: North Atlantic Ocean 0 m
    • Land boundaries: none
    • Coastline: 1,117 km
  • Population of the Faroe Islands:
  • Area of the Faroe Islands:
  • Atlas of the Faroe Islands

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