Organization of Iranian People's Fedaian (Majority) - Views and Goals of The OIPFM

Views and Goals of The OIPFM

1- OIPFM advocates democracy, progress, social justice, and socialism. Nationally and globally, peace is the main human beings’ demand which ensures success in achieving the above goals. The Party believes that advocating independency of the country and national interests and advocating equal and brotherly relations between all nations go hand in hand. The organization advocates human rights, thus, fights against any national, class, gender, racial, and ideological discrimination. In today’s world, preserving environment is one of humanity’s main goals. This goal is one of the main pillars of their political plan.

2- The Party believes that class struggle is a reality. In the current struggle between labor and capital in the global capitalism system, it belongs to labor camp. The Iranian society consists of various classes. Class gap is in such a way that a group who owns the capitals is privileged to have unlimited welfare and in contrast, workers and toilers are deprived of ordinary human life. The organization recognizes class society and these cruel discriminations against human dignity and fights for their abolition. Based on these believes, the Party build its program on defending the interests of workers, rural toilers, intellectuals, and all wage workers and blueand white-color workers of the contemporary society.

3- Whereas women, youths, and national and religious minorities, in attaining their needs confront difficulties more often or are target of dual cruelty and discrimination, OIFPM bases another pillar of our socio-political program on defending the special interests of these social groups.

4- Freedom and human rights are prime goals of the organization’s political agendum. All people must be totally free in adopting, expressing, writing, and defending their views and believes – including political, philosophical, religious, scientific, etc. The Party advocate separation of religion and state and consider any ideological hegemony and any kind of dictatorship contrary to the people’s interests.

5- The Party believes that sovereignty and power arise from the people’s will. It believes in people-based system based on people’s vote and free election in appointing state officials, in limited duration, periodic and peaceful transformation of power, and in partisan and multi-party system.

6- The Party believes in integration of political, economic, and social democracies. It believes that more power distribution in the society and participation and direct and voluntary involvement of people in political, economic, and social aspects of life, control of the government by improvement of civic society and political, vocational, and democratic institutions and social movements of women, youths, environment and peace are necessary for growth of comprehensive democracy.

7- The Party believes that democracy and social justice go hand in hand. Securing social justice is the backbone of democracy and peaceful relations in the society and in the absence of democracy and people’s democratic rights accomplishment of social justice would not be possible.

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