Orbit (anthology Series) - Orbit 1

Orbit 1

Volume 1 was published in October 1966. Algis Budrys described it as an example of "a book that represents science fiction well, but not to any extraordinary extent."

Table of contents:

  • "Introduction," by Damon Knight
  • "Staras Flonderans," by Kate Wilhelm (ss)
  • "The Secret Place," by Richard M. McKenna (ss)
  • "How Beautiful with Banners," by James Blish (ss)
  • "The Disinherited," by Poul Anderson (ss) reprinted as "Home"
  • "The Loolies Are Here," by Allison Rice (ss)
  • "Kangaroo Court," by Virginia Kidd (nv), reprinted as "Flowering Season"
  • "Splice of Life," by Sonya Dorman (ss)
  • "5 Eggs," by Thomas M. Disch (ss)
  • "The Deeps," by Keith Roberts (ss)

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