Orang is a Malay and Indonesian word for "person". It may refer to:

  • An orangutan
  • An Orang Pendek, a primate cryptid, about a meter tall, said to be living in southeast Asia
  • An Orang Mawas, another southeast Asian primate cryptid, about 2.5 meters tall
  • Orang, North Hamgyong, a county in North Hamgyong province, North Korea
  • Orang National Park, in Assam, India
  • Orang, Nepal
  • .O.rang, a British band

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Malayan Languages
... Aboriginal Malay are the Malayan languages spoken by the Orang Asli (Proto-Malay) in Malaya ... They are Jakun,* Orang Kanaq,* Orang Seletar,* and Temuan.* ...
Malaysian Cultural Outfits - Orang Asal
... See also Orang Asal Before the creation of ancient kingdoms, most aboriginal people wore bark costumes decorated with beads ... The Orang Asli still wear clothing of natural materials, often out of treebark and skirt ... The Orang Ulu wear hand-loomed cloths as well as tree bark fabrics ...
... The several hunters attempting to surround and immobilize the tigers are called orang-orang which is the plural of orang which means "man" ... Therefore, orang-orang means "men" and there are twenty-two or twenty-four of them depending on which version of the game is played ... The main difference is that Version A uses 24 orang-orang while Version B uses only 22 orang-orang ...
Orang Kuala
... The Orang Kuala or Duano' are one of the indigenous peoples of Malaysia ... Orang Kuala means "people of the rivermouth" ... The Orang Kuala numbered about 2,000 people in 2000 ...
Orang, Nepal
... Orang, Nepal is a village development committee in Dolakha District in the Janakpur Zone of north-eastern Nepal ...