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Activities By Regions

According to the 2009 OSF expenditures report, Africa region (outside of South Africa) was the key area of funded activities: about $51,000,000 were spent on civil society support, human rights, education, justice, media, public health, transparency, and other activities there.

Among other regions, activities in five counties received the most funding (excluding funds provided by non-OSI parties): Ukraine ($8.47M; mostly in civil society support, human rights, public health), South Africa ($7.23M; human rights, civil society, information and media and other), Russia ($6,29M; almost solely civil society support), Serbia ($5,04M; mostly civil society, education and youth, human rights, transparency), Georgia ($4.84M; media, human rights, civil society, administration, transparency, public health and other).

6 out of 10 countries with most activities of the Institute in 2009 are post-Soviet states. Another 3 are situated Eastern Europe.

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