Open Document Software - Other Planned Support

Other Planned Support

  • Ability Office developers declared planned ODF support for the next major version of their office suite
  • Evermore Integrated Office - EIOffice 2009 will support ODF in the update. As stated on Evermore Software website: "Work is underway to both read and write to this new format as well as *.pdf and *.odf file formats in the update." Last version of EIOffice 2009 (5.0.1272.101EN.L1) cannot open or save ODF files.
  • Haansoft's Hangul Word Processor will support OpenDocument format documents in its next version for Windows, which is planned for the end of 2009.
  • An extension for Mozilla Firefox has been proposed by a developer named Talin, according to Mozilla hacker Gervase Markham (source); it has since been further modified by Alex Hudson and was hosted in the official Firefox extension repository.
  • Wikipedia announced that it will use ODF for printing wikis.
  • BlackBerry smartphones are going to support ODF in their embedded office suites, starting mid-2009.
  • The WordPad editor in Windows 7 already includes support for ODF.

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