Oira Sukeban

Oira Sukeban (おいら女蛮?), sometimes called Sukeban Boy, is a Japanese manga created by Go Nagai in 1974. It is a comedy with several erotic touches, where the protagonist Banji Suke (or Sukeban) has to disguise himself as a girl in order to be able to attend an all-female school. As Suke Ban is a rebellious boy, this situation creates several comedic troubles.

The manga was adapted to an OVA in 1992 and was released by ADV Films in the US under the name Delinquent in Drag. The series has also been named by d/visual in Italy as La canaglia in minigonna.

It has also spawned two live-action movies, Oira Sukeban: Kessen! Pansutō (おいら女蛮 決戦!パンス党) in 1992 starring actor Shinji Takeda, and Oira Sukeban (called mostly Sukeban Boy) in 2006 starring AV idol Asami (亜紗美).

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