Offshore Patrol

The Offshore Patrol (Mosquito Fleet) was a small naval force, intended for inshore defenses, of the Philippine Army. It was called for by the Philippine National Assembly in its National Defense Act of 1935. This act called for the creation, by 1946, of a force of 36 torpedo boats (PT) which were to be built and designed by British shipbuilders.

Two of the boats had been delivered by 1939, when the war in Europe began. By October 1941, a third boat had been assembled in the Philippines. Apparently there were eventually five boats built, and attached to USAFFE, although they are not always listed in strength and composition tables.

On December 4, 1941 Enrique L. “Henry” Jurado (1911-1944), U.S. Naval Academy graduate (Class of ’34) became the officer-in-command of the OSP, just before the Pearl Harbor attack.

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