Offaly Express

The Offaly Express was a regional newspaper in Ireland that served County Offaly. The paper was part of the Leinster Leader Group, which was sold to Johnston Press in late 2005 and are now operated by Johnston Press Ireland. The offices of the Offaly Express were based in Tullamore. The paper was founded in 1984.

The last News Editor of the Offaly Express was Alan Walsh.

The paper was published on a weekly basis every Wednesday and accepted submissions via e-mail including articles and pictures relevant to the county.

In June 2012 it was announced that Johnston Press Ireland were to close the 'Offaly Express' with the loss of 8 jobs. The final edition was published on 5 July 2012 after 29 years.

Although the paper has closed down the website is still operational and has not closed down although it will not be updated.

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