O 0 - Chinese Ideographic Style

Chinese Ideographic Style

See also: Jiong and zh:失意體前屈

The character 囧 (U+56E7), which means "bright", is also used in the Chinese computing community for a frowning face. It is also combined with posture emoticon Orz, such as 囧rz. The character existed in Oracle bone script, but its use as emoticon was documented as early as January 20, 2005.

Other ideographic variants for 囧 include 崮 (king 囧), 莔 (queen 囧), 商 (囧 with hat), 囧興 (turtle), 卣 (Bomberman).

The character 槑 (U+69D1), which means "plum", is used to represent double of 呆 (dull), or further magnitude of dullness. In Chinese, normally full characters (as opposed to the stylistic use of 槑) may be duplicated to express emphasis.

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