Nugent may refer to:

  • Nugent (album), album by Ted Nugent
  • Nugent (surname)
  • Nugent, Tasmania, town in Australia

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Famous quotes containing the word nugent:

    That’s right, son. That’s why I keep my hat on, so my horns don’t show. Why I’ve got more wives than Solomon hisself. At least that’s what folks around here say. And if they don’t say it, they, they think it.
    —Frank S. Nugent (1908–1965)

    A yellow ribbon, Miss Dandridge. You know what that means in the cavalry—a sweetheart.
    —Frank S. Nugent (1908–1965)

    Martin Pawley: Do ya think maybe’s there’s a chance we still might find her?
    Ethan Edwards: Injun’ll chase a thing ‘til he thinks he’s chased it enough. Then he quits. Same way when he runs. Seems like he never learns there’s such a thing as a critter that’ll just keep comin’ on. So we’ll find ‘em in the end. I promise ya. We’ll find ‘em, just as sure as the turnin’ of the earth.
    —Frank S. Nugent (1908–1965)