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  • Binter Canarias IATA airline designator
  • National treasure, a concept associated with the language of Romantic nationalism
  • National Treasure (franchise), a film series starring Nicolas Cage
  • Near Threatened (NT or LR/nt), IUCN Red List category
  • Neighbor tone, a nonchord tone that passes from a chord tone directly above or below it and resolves to the same tone
  • Neo Tokyo (disambiguation), a common name for a fictional futuristic version of Tokyo
  • Net tonnage, a measurement used for ships
  • Network termination, a device connecting the customer's data or telephone equipment to the local exchange carrier's line
  • New Taiwan dollar, official currency of the Republic of China
  • New Testament, the second part of the Bible
  • Nicktropolis, a Nick.com game
  • No Trump, in contract bridge and other card games
  • Nose tackle, a position in American football
  • Nuclear transfer, the scientific technique used to clone animals
  • Number Theory, in mathematics

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