Northern Indiana Athletic Conference

Northern Indiana Athletic Conference

The Northern Indiana Conference is a high school athletic conference that was founded in 1927 and spanned from as far West as Hammond and Gary to South Bend/Mishawaka and Elkhart to the East and South to Plymouth. Since its start in 1927, a total of 28 separate schools have at one time called the NIC home. From its inception until 1963, the conference had been divided into East and West divisions. The West Division (as well as Valparaiso) left to form the Northwestern Conference in 1963. With membership dwindling to 7 members by the 1970s, the conference added former members of the Northern Indiana Valley Conference to its ranks. Currently, every former NIVC member is now a part of the NIC except for South Bend Jackson, which closed in 1973, and South Bend LaSalle, which joined the NIC in 1977, but closed in 2001.

Like the Southern Indiana Athletic Conference, the NIAC was also a superconference that spanned several counties, and a lot of driving miles, for a period between 1940 and 1965. Throughout the 1970s the membership dwindled as several schools break off to form new conferences. Even now, the two conferences share the same setup with 7 or 8 schools in one county, 8 in this case from St. Joseph County and 1 from an ajacent county, Elkhart in this case.

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