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North Fork Feather River - North Fork Feather Watershed
... The North Fork Feather Watershed (USGS Huc 18020121) extends from the North Fork headwaters south-southwest to the [http// ... watershed), Lost Creek (Lower Pit River), and Kings Creek (North Fork Feather) ... east to Lassen County, then to the Great Basin Divide triple point of the Feather, Pit, and Susan Rivers ...
East Branch North Fork Feather River - Course Landforms
... Triple watershed headwaters The East Branch North Fork Feather River headwaters begin along ~46 mi (74 km) of the Sierra Crest from the triple watershed point with the North Fork (Bear Valley Creek ... Spanish Creek, a source tributary of the East Branch North Fork Feather River ... Valley is an alluvial valley of the East Branch North Fork Feather Watershed along lower Indian Creek ...
East Branch North Fork Feather River
... The East Branch North Fork Feather River is a left tributary of the North Fork Feather River in the northern Sierra Nevada, Plumas County, California ...
Feather River - Course - North Fork
... The North Fork Feather River begins in Feather River Meadows at the junction of Rice Creek and South Arm Rice Creek, 40°21′47″N 121°27′5″W / 40.36306°N 121.45139°W / 40.36306 -121.45 ... USGS topographic maps, as of 1995, are mislabeled for South Arm, North Arm Rice Creek, Rice Creek and North Fork Feather River ... Rice Creek, labeled North Arm Rice Creek on USGS topo maps, flows south from its source at Cold Boiling Lake, 40°27′24″N 121°29′4″W / 40.45667°N 121.48444°W ...
Types of Forks - Novelty Forks
... Extension Fork A long-tined fork with a telescopic handle, allowing for its extension or contraction ... Spaghetti fork A fork with a metal shaft loosely fitted inside a hollow plastic handle ... shaft protrudes through the top of the handle, ending in a bend that allows the metal part of the fork to be easily rotated with one hand while the other hand is holding the plastic handle ...

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    Self-pity in its early stage is as snug as a feather mattress. Only when it hardens does it become uncomfortable.
    Maya Angelou (b. 1928)

    Refinement’s origin:
    the remote north country’s
    rice-planting song.
    Matsuo Basho (1644–1694)

    Every country we conquer feeds us. And these are just a few of the good things we’ll have when this war is over.... Slaves working for us everywhere while we sit back with a fork in our hands and a whip on our knees.
    Curtis Siodmak (1902–1988)