North Dakota Highway 23 - Major Junctions

Major Junctions

County Location Destination(s) Notes
McKenzie Watford City US 85 – Williston
ND 200
Western terminus
ND 1806 north Northernmost of four sections of ND 1806
ND 73 east
CR 53 south (Bear Den Road)
CR 14 east (32nd St)
CR 10 west
CR 55 north
ND 1806 north (107th Ave NW) Second northernmost of four sections of ND 1806
ND 22 south – Mandaree
Mountrail New Town ND 1804 north – Williston Western end of ND 1804 concurrency (ND 1804 is unsigned)
ND 8 north – Stanley
74th Ave NW
ND 37 east – Parshall
ND 1804 south
Eastern end of ND 1804 concurrency (ND 1804 is unsigned)
Ward CR 9 – Makoti (338th St SW)
ND 28 south – Ryder
CR 11 north (254th St SW)
CR 13 north (142 St SW)
US 83 – Minot, Bismarck
Ward/McHenry CR 21 north – Sawyer
CR 25 north
McHenry ND 41 – Velva, Turtle Lake Eastern terminus

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