North Africa - Territories and Regions

Territories and Regions

Countries and territories Area
Population Density
(per km²)
Capital GDP (Total) GDP per capita Currency Government Official languages
Algeria 2,381,741 37,100,000 14.5 Algiers $254.7 billion (2010 est.) $7,400 (2010 est.) Algerian dinar Presidential republic Arabic (official), Berber (national)
Egypt 1,001,450 80,471,869 80.4 Cairo $500.9 billion (2010) $6,200 (2010) Egyptian pound Semi-presidential republic Arabic
Libya 1,759,540 6,461,454 3.7 Tripoli $89.03 billion (2010) $13,800 (2010) Libyan dinar Provisional authority Arabic
Morocco 446,550 32,226,056 70.8 Rabat $153.8 billion (2010) $4,900 (2010) Moroccan dirham Constitutional monarchy Arabic and Berber (both official)
Sudan 1,886,068 30,894,000 16.4 Khartoum $98.79 billion (2010) prior to break up $2,200 (2010)—prior to break-up Sudanese pound Federal republic (Authoritarian) Arabic and English (both official)
Tunisia 163,610 10,589,025 64.7 Tunis $100.3 billion (2010) $9,500 (2010) Tunisian dinar Republic Arabic
Western Sahara
266,000 320,000 1.2 El Aaiún (Laâyoune) (controlled by Morocco) $900 million (2007) $2,500 (2007) Moroccan dirham Constitutional monarchy Arabic and Berber (both official), Hassaniya (recognized)
Total, North Africa 7,904,959 195,637,341 24.7 $1.2 trillion $5,700


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