Nondeterminism may refer to:

  • Nondeterministic programming (computer science)
  • Nondeterministic algorithm (computer science)
  • Non-deterministic Turing machine (computer science)
  • Indeterminacy in computation (disambiguation)
  • Indeterminism (philosophy)

Other articles related to "nondeterminism":

Unbounded Nondeterminism - Hewitt's Analysis of Fairness
... All of these models have the property of bounded nondeterminism if a machine always halts when started in its initial state, then there is a bound on the number of states in which it ... Hewitt argued that there is a fundamental difference between choices in global state nondeterminism and the arrival order indeterminacy (nondeterminism) of his Actor model ... In global state nondeterminism, a "choice" is made for the "next" global state ...
Actor Model And Process Calculi - Denotational Semantics
... His semantics contrasted the unbounded nondeterminism of the Actor model with the bounded nondeterminism of CSP and Concurrent Processes (see denotational semantics) ... Roscoe has developed a denotational semantics with unbounded nondeterminism for a subsequent version of Communicating Sequential Processes Hoare ...
Arguments For Dealing With Unbounded Nondeterminism
... the Actor model) of concurrent computation with the property of unbounded nondeterminism built in this allows computations that cannot be implemented by Turing Machines, as seen above ... See Indeterminacy in concurrent computation.) Hewitt justified his use of unbounded nondeterminism by arguing that there is no bound that can be placed on how long it takes a computational ... argued that Electronic mail enables unbounded nondeterminism since mail can be stored on servers indefinitely before being delivered, and that Communication links to servers ...
Symmetric Turing Machine
... until this time could, at best, be placed only in NL, despite seeming not to require nondeterminism ... computation (segments) between special configuration, where nondeterminism takes place, such that the only special configuration reached from a backward computation is the special ... deterministic in its forward direction and have limited nondeterminism in its backward direction ...
Unbounded Nondeterminism
... In computer science, unbounded nondeterminism or unbounded indeterminacy is a property of concurrency by which the amount of delay in servicing a ... Unbounded nondeterminism became an important issue in the development of the denotational semantics of concurrency, and later became part of research into the theoretical ...