Nissarana Vanaya - Other Meditation Monasteries at Meetirigala

Other Meditation Monasteries At Meetirigala

Meetirigala (sometimes written Mithrigala or Meethirigala) is also the location of two other monasteries. One is the Dharmayatana a place for Tipitaka studies which was later turned into a Vipassana meditation facility for monks to follow Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaws system of instructions. This place is also part of the Kalyāṇi Yogāsrama Samsthava tradition.'

In the third monastery in Mitirigala, called Mangalarama, there is the practice of a meditation system propagated by the layman Mangala Upasaka and a female medium who claims to receive instructions from the late Nanarama Thera (now residing in the Brahma god realm). An Austrian monk is the abbot of the monastery. For some years this place was connected to Ven. Katukurunde Nanananda Thera and his disciples. There is also a meditation center for nuns and lay-women associated with Mangalarama closer to the village.

The Mangalarama is not connected to Nissarana Vanaya and the Dharmayatana.

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