Nikki may refer to:


  • Nikki (given name), a given name (includes a list)
  • Matti Nikki, founder of, a Finnish website opposed to Internet censorship

In music:

  • "Nikki", orchestral composition by Burt Bacharach dedicated to his daughter
  • Nikki, an album by Japanese rock band Quruli
  • Nikki (singer), a Japanese-American singer
  • Nikki (Malaysian singer) (born 1985), finalist in the first season of Malaysian Idol
  • Nikki, an alias of singer Nigar Jamal

Other uses:

  • Nikki, Benin, a city, arrondissement and commune
  • Nikki Bungaku, a genre of Japanese diary literature
  • Nikki (TV series), an American television series starring Nikki Cox
  • Nikki, Wild Dog of the North, a 1961 Walt Disney film