Nik Family of Kelantan

Nik Family Of Kelantan

The Nik Family refers to the people who have the Nik (Jawi: نىٔ) title in front of their names in Malaysia. The Nik family largely originated from the state of Kelantan, which is located on the east coast of the Malaysian Peninsula. As Nik is part of the Malay Title by inheritance, it is customary for the title to be passed on to the children of a father who has the Nik title. Rarely, the title is also passed on from a mother having the Nik title. According to the history of Kelantan, the first recognised Sultan of Kelantan, Sultan Muhammad I, was also known as Nik Muhammadiah. The first king of Reman in Upper Pattani and Upper Perak was also known as Tok Nik Leh.

According to Ustaz Abdullah Nakula, a well-known writer in Kelantan, the Niks in Kelantan, Pattani (now part of southern Thailand) are believed to be the offspring of Nik Ali, who was an important official under the rulers of Pattani. Nik Ali was also known as Fakih Ali Malbari (Fakih meaning learned man) and studied Islam in India. Also it is customary in Kelantan and Pattani that when a princess marries a common man, their children will bear the Nik title.

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