Nigerian Political Bureau of 1986 - Members


General Babangida announced the names of the seventeen (17) members of the Political Bureau at the inauguration of the bureau in Abuja on January 13, 1986.

  • S.J. Cookey — Chairman
  • Abdullahi Augie - Executive Secretary
  • Bala Takaya
  • Edwin Madunagu (Dr.; Marxist, "self-avowed communist", regular contributor to The Guardian newspapers. Madunagu had first been suspended as university lecturer during the Obasanjo 1979 regime, and would later leave the bureau under controversial circumstances. He remains - as at 2011 - a contributor to national issues)
  • Oye Oyediran
  • Mrs. Hilda Adefarasin
  • E.O. Awa
  • Tunde Adeniran
  • Mrs. R. Abdullahi
  • A.D. Yahaya
  • Sam E. Oyovbaire (Professor of Political Science & 1984-86 president of the Nigerian Political Science Association - NPSA. Oyovbaire remained a Political Adviser to Babangida, and later, Minister for Information and Culture under the IBB regime. Oyovbaire )
  • Ola Balogun (Dr.; Balogun left the bureau in controversial circumstances.
  • Haroun Adamu
  • Ibrahim Halilu
  • O.E. Uya
  • Paschal Bafyau (Then leader of the Railways Union.Later became president of the Nigerian Labour Congress, seizing leadership from Ciroma who was leader when Babangida became head of state. He is reported to have had extensive informal networks in Babangida's military regime. Bafyau would later aspire to be Abiola's running-mate in the 1993 elections and would preside over vaccilations of the union during the struggle against the annulment of the June 12 elections.
  • Sani Zahradeen

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