Nigerian Political Bureau of 1986 - Bureau's Recommendations

Bureau's Recommendations

  • Adoption of a two party state based on certain conditions
  • Adoption of a single five-year term for the presidency
  • Rejection of the zoning principle
  • Leaving traditional rulers out of the political equation: also rejected were diarchy and triarchy (respectively: civilian-military joint, and civilian-military-traditional rulership models). The report stated: "... as regards traditional rulers, we cannot see in which way their inclusion can provide a unifying force... they compete against the nation for allegiance, represent a force against the principle of popular democracy and are dysfunctional reminders of national differences."
  • Democratization of socio-economic power through political and economic participation in all structures and organisations of power, leading to a socialist state
  • Economic structure should be predicated on self-reliance, social justice
  • A unicameral legislature
  • Setting aside 10% of elected seats for women and labor leaders
  • Mass mobilization as the cornerstone of a newfound political orientation
  • The Creation of six more states.

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