Nigam - Notable People With The Surname Nigam

Notable People With The Surname Nigam

  • Anjul Nigam (Actor)
  • Sonu Nigam (Singer)
  • Shraddha Nigam (Actor)

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Famous quotes containing the words notable and/or people:

    a notable prince that was called King John;
    And he ruled England with main and with might,
    For he did great wrong, and maintained little right.
    —Unknown. King John and the Abbot of Canterbury (l. 2–4)

    Yes, that’s what I needed. Living flesh from humans for my experiments. What difference did it make if a few people had to die? Their flesh taught me how to manufacture arms, legs, faces that are human. I’ll make a crippled world whole again.
    Robert Tusker, and Michael Curtiz. Wells (Preston Foster)