Nicolaas Zannekin

Nicolaas Zannekin (? - battle of Cassel, 23 August 1328), was a Flemish peasant leader, best known for his role in the Peasant revolt in Flanders 1323-1328.

Nicolaas Zannekin was a rich farmer from Lampernisse. During the early 14th century AD, Zannekin served as leader of the revolt in coastal Flanders against the oppressive tax policy of the Count of Flanders Louis of Nevers. Zannekin and his men captured the towns of Nieuwpoort, Veurne, Ypres and Kortrijk. In Kortrijk, Zannekin was able to capture the Count himself. In 1325 attempts to capture Gent and Oudenaarde failed. The King of France, Charles IV of France intervened whereupon Louis was released from captivity in February 1326 and the Peace of Arques was sealed. In 1328 hostilities erupted again and the Count fled to France. Louis was able to convince the new king Philip VI of France to come to his aid and Zannekin and his followers were decisively defeated by the French royal army in the Battle of Cassel (1328), where Zannekin himself was killed.