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Evan Drake

Evan Gregory Drake is a recurring character on the television series Cheers, portrayed by Tom Skerritt. Appearing as Rebecca Howe's boss when she was first introduced in 1987, it was revealed she had an unrequited crush on him for two years, so extreme that she had stopped dating. She wanted desperately to impress him enough so he would notice her on a romantic level.

Rebecca became increasingly neurotic around Mr. Drake, and she found herself having to explain herself out of ridiculous situations. For example, Drake made her hire a young woman as a waitress, and Rebecca assumed she was his mistress. After confronting her and hitting her across the face, it was revealed that the woman was Drake's daughter, not his lover. She explained away the punch with a phony "nerve disorder" diagnosis. Another time, when Norm was hired to paint Drake's bedroom, Rebecca came along to see "where he sleeps," in a vain effort to be closer to him. When Drake came back unexpectedly from a business trip, Rebecca was forced to stay in the closet while he slept. When trying to escape, she only got as far as his bed, where she had to roll under and stay captive yet another time. She was finally freed after she climbed out a window when Norm persuaded a delirious Drake to "let carry a rich man across the lawn in his pajamas."

Rebecca never got to tell Drake how she felt, as he left for a job in Japan with his new lover. She did, however, drive his limousine to the airport and crash into a 7-Eleven when she was blinded with jealousy (she had seen him make out with his companion).

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